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Technical Documentation Engineer

Help our partners digitize operators

About Makini

Makini is the universal API for industrial systems. Industrial tech companies use it to connect with industrial software systems of their customers. No matter what system it is - all via one, simple API.

Makini is based in San Francisco and backed by some of the best in the business, including investors behind companies like Stripe, Segment, and Plaid.

Our mission

We exist to multiply the impact of the new industrial tech by helping them scale.

Industrial tech has great products, products making real impact:
🩸 save people from injuries
🛢 reduce impact on environment
💥 prevent breakdowns

Now that modern industrials use a lot of software, new companies have to somehow fit into this stack in order to scale.

What does it mean for them? - building lots of integrations. One costs $30k, takes up to 18 months. Now imagine doing this hundreds of times.

For many companies this is not feasible and it makes much more sense to use something like Makini instead. Makini allows to connect across industrial systems, no matter what system it is, via one, simple API

About the role

You'll be the one helping us achieve this mission. As a Technical Documentation Engineer, you will enable us to drive mass digitization of industrial operators and expand our footprint among CMMS partners.

You will

  • Review assets on industrial facilities and their structure.
  • Put togeter technical recondation documents from OEMs, operators and other stakeholders.
  • Do ETL on data and use internal company systems.
  • Analyze and clean data.

We are looking for

  • We're looking for
  • Good level of spoken and written English.
  • Expereince with and understanding of OEM technical documentation like drawings, operational manuals and spare part catalogues.
  • Curiosity about tech, automation, APIs, and using new software products.
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