A simple mobile application, that caters to your CMMS needs.

What is MEX?

MEX is a maintenance management software solution used across a wide range of industries. The feature-rich software application is designed to help you grow your business no matter the size or type!

What products do MEX offer?

The MEX range of products delivers simplicity and functionality for all your maintenance and inventory needs, allowing for effective management of equipment through proven maintenance procedures, such as fleet management, captured with the MEX CMMS.

What is MEX created for?

The MEX Maintenance Software is the best in the business when it comes to maintenance! Designed to increase productivity, reduce downtime and keep everyone in the loop. MEX is completely web based & works on all devices from phones to computers and even tablets, ensuring the system is accessible from anywhere and at any time. MEX is the most powerful management tool on the market that is used across all areas of maintenance from reporting, to work orders, managing invoices, the list goes on!