Launch UpKeep in days with our library of digitized manuals

Makini has the largest digitized library of manufacturer manuals available online, and we have integrated this library with virtually every CMMS/EAM on the market, including UpKeep. Combined with our hierarchy builder and quality control tools, get started with quality data in UpKeep in days, and without breaking the bank.

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How it works

Create equipment hierarchy
Use our hierarchy builder or send us an equipment list csv.
Match equipment in hierarchy with our library
Once your hierarchy is in order, match items from it with our library. If you're too busy for that, we're happy to do it for you.
Missing something in the library?
Realistically, it’s not likely that 100% of the hierarchy will be matched. If you’re missing a critical piece in our library, send us the manual, or we can source it for you.
Review the quality
Our OEM library is either peer-reviewed or not touched by a human. With our quality control tools, you can review data in one place, edit it on the spot, get support from us, and start building your "approved" library, ready to be reused.
Export into UpKeep
We have an integration with UpKeep, which means you can inject the data directly. Should that be your preference, we also support export in files.


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