Get equipment of operators down to models and serial numbers

product features

Ultimate installed base intelligence

Retrieve full Asset hierarchy, including manufacturer, model and serial numbers.

Expansive coverage

Retrieve Assets from a broad coverage network that includes dozens of CMMS and EAM providers.

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We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Advanced Maintenance
- Generate high-quality leads with visibility into installed base.

- Get list of all equipment on sites of your customers to never miss an upselling opportunity.

- See systems. Understand what interconnected equipment can have effect on sensor data.
- Gain visibility into installed base.

- Get usage metrics and operating status of assets.
Inventory optimization
- Get equipment usage metrics.

- Get operating status of assets.

- Need inventory data for specific equipment? - go as granular as you want.