Get equipment of operators down to models and serial numbers

product features

Enable advanced maintenance modes

Schedules make advanced maintenance modes like predictive and condition-based available for users of any CMMS / EAM.

Know what's getting serviced next

Schedules combines maintenance plans and last done dates so you always know what maintenance is performed next week, month or quarter.

Even more power when combined

Combine schedules data with spares to project use of spare parts and materials or get accurate maintenance budget in a few clicks.

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Customers across the following use cases use Schedules

We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Advanced Maintenance
- Get high-fidelity operational context for sudden sensor reading changes.

- Modify maintenance schedules as per your algorithm output.
See when is next maintenance and what parts are needed to perform it.
Inventory optimization
Project consumption of parts for scheduled maintenance.