work orders

Read and trigger Work Orders right in the customer's CMMS

product features

Comprehensive data

Retrieve full history of Work Order data.

Continuous Work Order updates

Stay up-to-date with notifications via a webhook as soon as there is a new work order associated with linked accounts and equipment.

Trigger Work Orders in CMMS

Eliminate the need for operators to manually create work orders in their CMMS/EAM and trigger them right the system instead.

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RELATED use cases

Customers across the following use cases use Work Orders

We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Advanced Maintenance
- Get labeled data for model training at scale.

- Trigger work orders.

- Get those triggered work orders back once complete to capture failure modes and false positives.

- Gain high-fidelity operational context for sudden sensor reading changes.
Get history of material consumption and what's currently scheduled.
Inventory optimization
Get history or material consumption.