Integrated OEM Library

Get started with good data in CMMS/EAM in days, not months

Make the industry-leading onboarding experience yours

Activate customers fast, ensure data quality, all without breaking the bank
Activate customers fast
Complete implementations in weeks or even days, not months.
Quality data
Pull maintenance plans and part catalogues right out of our OEM data library in a consistent format.
Save money
Less work and more automation means lower cost for you and your customer.

Ways to use Makini for CMMS/EAM implementation

Whether you’re moving from another system or starting from scratch
Integrated OEM library
Pull maintenance plans and part catalogues out of our OEM library and push them right into your system.
Makini is integrated with virtually every CMMS/EAM on the market. Migrate customers from other systems to yours.


The largest digitized library of manufacturer data available online
Access our library of maintenance plans and spare part lists from over 1,600 manufacturers. Our data comes either from OEM databases themselves or it is peer-reviewed. It means you can generate datasets instantly.
Integrated with your CMMS/EAM
Makini is integrated with hundreds of CMMS and EAM products. It means you can inject generated datasets right into your system. It also makes moving data from one CMMS or EAM to another easy.

Activate customers fast

EAM/CMMS implementations are too manual. Operators spend months not getting value from the system. With the Makini digitized OEM library, system providers can shorten onboarding to a couple of weeks, or even days.

Save money

CMMS/EAM implementations are labor intensive, and this translates into cost. Makini relies on automation to the extent possible: manual parsing is eliminated with the digital OEM library, or data can be pulled from another system and injected into the destination system. This means lower cost for you and your customers.

Ensure data quality

Our OEM library is either peer-reviewed or untouched by a human. During migrations, simply pull data out of the source system. Our quality control tools let you review data in one place, edit it on the spot, and build your "approved" library—to be reused whenever you need it.

How it works

Create equipment hierarchy
Use our hierarchy builder or send us an equipment list csv.
Match equipment in hierarchy with our library
Make sure it looks good before you push the data into your CMMS!
Missing something in the library?
Realistically, it’s not likely that 100% of the hierarchy will be matched. If you’re missing a critical piece in our library, send us the manual, or we can source and digitize it for you.
Review the quality
Our OEM library is either peer-reviewed or untouched by a human. With our quality control tools, you can review data in one place, edit it on the spot, get support from us, and start building your "approved" library, ready to be reused.
Export into your system
We have an integration with hundreds of CMMS/EAM systems, which means you can inject the data directly. We also support export in files.

Ready to get started?

Book a demo and let us show how to save months on your implementation.
Superior data quality
With data either not touched by a human, or peer reviewed.
Hundreds of integrations
Directly inject data into your system or migrate from one CMMS/EAM to another
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