Universal API
for industrial systems

Add hundreds of CMMS and EAM integrations with a single API
Makini powers integrations at

Instant account connection

Makini Link is what your users see. It allows them to securely connect accounts in their industrial systems in minutes instead of months of integration work. Users simply enter login credentials they normally use to sign into their system.

Hundreds of integrations
via a single API

Makini is the common denominator of all industrial systems: there is a unified data model under the hood, which we map all systems to. This means you don’t have to deal with multiple data structures, authorization protocols, and data transformations.
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Don’t see integration with the system you need? - Let us know. Makini in the fastest builder of industrial integrations in the world - we can make a new integration available in a week or two, at no extra charge to you.
Designed for developers

Not your typical industrial integration

With a few lines of code, you can implement Makini in an afternoon. With us you don’t have to spin up expensive servers, deal with brittle APIs, or solve reliability issues. We also make integration easy with built-in web-hooks and sandbox. This means more time to focus on building your product — not integrating with ours.
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1    import {useMakiniLink} from 'makini-link';
3    const App = () => {
4        const {open} = useMakiniLink({
5            clientId: '<your-client-id>',
6            products: ['work orders', 'schedules', 'spares'],
7        });
9        return(
10           <button type="button" onClick={() => open()}>
11               Open Makini Link
12           </button>
13       );
14   };

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