Advanced maintenance

Help operators minimize unnecessary maintenance and unplanned downtime

The problem
The Solution

Operators have to manually duplicate data from condition-based and predictive maintenance products into their CMMS and back, which delivers suboptimal experience.

Makini enables seamless movement of data between CMMS and condition-based / predictive maintenance products, eliminating need for manual data duplication.

Training predictive models requires a lot of labeled CMMS data. It is   difficult to get at scale when customers use different systems.

Makini consolidates labeled maintenance data from multiple CMMS, making it easy to use and analyze.


See how companies in condition-based and
predictive maintenance use our API

We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Work Orders
- Get labeled data for model training at scale

- Trigger work orders

- Get those triggered work orders back once complete to capture failure modes and false positives

- Gain high-fidelity operational context for sudden sensor reading changes
- Generate high-quality leads with visibility into installed base.

- Get list of all equipment on sites of your customers to never miss an upselling opportunity.

- See systems. Understand what interconnected equipment can have effect on sensor data.
- Capture breakdowns as they happen.

- Get labeled “false negatives” at scale.

- Capture failure modes.
- Get high-fidelity operational context for sudden sensor reading changes.

- Modify maintenance schedules as per your algorithm output.