Inventory optimization

Help operators free up capital from excessive inventory, improve service levels, and maximize OTIF performance

The problem

Obtaining a comprehensive picture of users' inventory, consumption and purchases at scale can be difficult when different customers use CMMS from different providers

The Solution

Makini consolidates inventory, consumption and purchase data from multiple CMMS, making it easy to use, update and analyze


See how inventory optimization innovators use our API

We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Work Orders
Get history or material consumption.
- Get equipment usage metrics.

- Get operating status of assets.

- Need inventory data for specific equipment? - go as granular as you want.
- Accumulate inventory data no matter which CMMS the customer is using.

- Update inventory records.
Project consumption of parts for scheduled maintenance.
Purchase Orders
Get history of material purchases and see what’s under way.