Industrial aftermarket

Help suppliers and OEMs gain installed base visibility and generate quality leads in the aftermarket

The problem

Suppliers of aftermarket products and OEMs struggle preserving installed visibility at scale. It is complicated by activities in the secondary market and if channel partners and used. Once the visibility is established, low-fidelity data makes it hard to anticipate demand, hence generating quality leads is expensive.

The Solution

CMMS data enables the ultimate aftermarket intelligence. Launch campaigns to raise installed base visibility, know exactly when next maintenance will happen, and what aftermarket products will be required for it. For this Makini combines schedules, last done dates, spare part stock, and PO information from operators across CMMS.


See how aftermarket innovators are using our API

We provide a set of simple end-points so you don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating business logic.

Work Orders
Get history of material consumption and what's currently scheduled.
- Gain visibility into installed base.

- Get usage metrics and operating status of assets.
See what materials the customer has on hand already.

Identify which materials are most likely to be moved from other sites owned by the customer rather than purchased.
Know of the urgent need for materials as soon as breakdowns happens.
See when is next maintenance and what parts are needed to perform it.
Purchase Orders
See what your customers have already purchased to save sales time and measure size of lost opportunities.