Eqcentric is now Makini

We are finally scrapping the name by which we went for more than a year - Eqcentric. And my Gosh, didn't we hate it!
Today is an exciting day for our team.

We are finally scrapping the name by which we went for more than a year - Eqcentric. And my Gosh, didn't we hate it!

Being honest with ourselves and people we work with is important for us. That's why we are unafraid to admit mistakes. Now, in full honesty, we admit that Eqcentric was a terrible choice from day one.

  • People don’t know how to spell it. Usually "eccentric", "EQ centric", and almost never Eqcentric.
  • It doesn't reflect who we are
  • The number of times we heard "You doing Emotional Intelligence trainings, right?", or "Equestrian what?.. Thanks, but I don't have a horse..."

Enough is enough!

Many people in tech will tell you that thinking of name options or changing it is a waste of time, and you have more important things to work on. I guess people just don't get it as wrong as we did.

I struggle to find anything more important than making people on the team excited and feel that they belong. Who knew that a name can actually be an effective tool for this. Wait, not a name, an identity! An identity that has charisma, where you can see a part of yourself, and that has features you want to be known for.

Identity is tricky: it exists whether you want it or not; whether you use it as a tool or are passive about it. Some people will always be attracted and proud to associate themselves with an identity, while others will be repelled.

The name Eqcentric was wrong in all those ways- it repelled people we want to attract and vice versa. Which felt especially unfair because after working with the team and seeing true us, we are still able to achieve our desired results. Everything signaled there is a disconnect between Eqcentric and us.

The result: we are proud to introduce Makini, the universal CMMS API. She makes us excited, operates in our value system, and works towards the same mission.

You will learn more about her over time, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out our shiny new website -, it's pretty awesome.

We'd really love to hear what you think about it! Yay it or nay it, toot it or boot it, please do let us know via

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