Introducing API and Webhook logs

Learn how Makini’s new API and Webhook logs simplify integration troubleshooting with real-time monitoring and search features in your Makini Dashboard.

Imagine a message from your customer: “I have completed a work order on your app, but I don’t see it in my CMMS and now we’ve failed to report the this job done to the customer!”

Previously, you would think about what could go wrong, contact your engineers, and go through logs, while making an unhappy customer wait. Could it be that your customer selected wrong asset for that work order or do you have a bug in the integration?

That was previously.

Now that you use Makini’s Unified API, it got much easier - just go to “Monitoring” section on Makini! You will see history of all API calls and webhooks for that customer. Simply set your connection id and filter results.

And then you’ll find that the problem was that the customer has never included that asset into the sync. Your reply: ask your customer to enable sync for that asset.

That’s how easy it is to solve issues with Makini’s API and webhook logs. One section for every request, to and from Makini.

Today, we are thrilled to launch our new API and webhook logs. It is intuitive, and available right now through your Makini Dashboard and is one of our core features to help you manage your integrations. See it in action live in the Makini Dashboard below.

API Logs

API Logs help you understand and manage your API calls. Here’s what you can do with them:

  • RESPONSE CODE: track successful requests or find potential issues with response codes.
  • DURATION: monitor execution time of API requests to identify potential bottlenecks.
  • TIMESTAMP: see timestamp of when API response is received.
  • ENDPOINT: see which end-point you’ve called.
  • ENDPOINT PARAMETERS: see end-point parameters you’ve had included into the call, like filtering and sorting.
  • REQUEST BODY: see details of body you had in the API call.

Webhook Logs

Makini supports web-hooks across all of its common data models. Webhook Logs provide valuable insights into events triggering your webhook.

  • RESPONSE CODE: determine success or potential issues in event processing through response codes.
  • CONNECTION ID: see which connection did the webhook come from.
  • ENDPOINT: monitor which components of your system react to webhooks.
  • EVENT: track the types of events initiating webhooks.
  • TIMESTAMP: see timestamp of when the webhook was triggered.

Start searching Now

API log search is available to all Makini users right now. You can access it through your Makini Dashboard under the "Monitoring" section.

Some of our customers benefit from longer retention periods for Logs. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to a member of our Sales team.

Makini logs are dynamic and intuitive. There are some great FAQ articles to get you started. Read them over to learn about the nuances of log search.

Happy searching!

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