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Makini Joins the Shipdex Community!

Makini is officially a member of Shipdex!

Makini is officially a member of Shipdex!

Shipdex is an industry standard which aims to improve the production and exchange of technical information. If you’re unfamiliar with Shipdex, you can read more about what they do on their website

We believe that Shipdex’s commitment to high quality technical and logistics data aligns with our mission, and are excited to work with OEMs, producing Shipdex compliant data directly inside their customer’s CMMS. This is possible through our use of the Shipdex protocol; the data exchange between various stakeholders in the industry, and our own universal CMMS API.

We also look forward to working with founding manufacturers such as MAN and Alfa Laval to enable use cases like predictive maintenance and aftermarket intelligence through our platform. 

Chris Grayson

Head of Revenue & Systems Acquisition