Makini partners with marine procurement platform ShipsKart

We are proud to add ShipsKart, the world’s first b2b e-commerce platform for marine procurement, to our list of partners.
Today, we are proud to announce that we have added ShipsKart (, the world’s first b2b e-commerce platform for marine procurement, to our list of tech partners.

Our partnership aims to improve efficiency in the vast marine procurement industry (which has a US $95 billion global market size); while simultaneously providing a simple plug-and-play platform that reduces internet consumption, and one that can be easily interfaced with existing ERP Solutions of other maritime companies.

ShipsKart’s technical edge is access to real time spending patterns across categories and ships; while gaining access to a dashboard that provides information on orders history, reviews and reports at a glance.

ShipsKart also has strategic alliances with the best global suppliers while providing the comparison costs from various vendors, with their own warehouses in 6 countries. This results in an extremely cost effective service.

ShipsKart has garnered a lot of visibility in the Maritime industry. They were selected by PORTXL as One of the Most Innovative Startups of the year in 2018; The Best Startup by Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus in 2019; and raised their first six-figure investment amidst the pandemic in 2020.

“We are extremely pleased to have forged this partnership with Makini, as we move forward with the vision of revolutionising Maritime procurement. Makini will enable Shipskart's platform and app to be interfaced with various existing ERP software, enabling us to expand exponentially and also let various vessels and vessel owners use our seamless digital platform. This will be a game changing partnership.”

Capt. Dhruv Sawhney, CEO ShipsKart

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